Tuning Light-Matter Interactions in Nanostructures Approaching the Atomic-Thickness Scale - Prof. Harry Atwater, CalTech

  • Seminar
Tuesday Nov 29, 2016 12:00pm

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Progress in understanding resonant subwavelength optical structures has fueled a worldwide explosion of interest in both
fundamental processes and nanophotonic devices for imaging, sensing, solar energy conversion and thermal radiation
control. However, for most nanophotonic materials, the optical properties are fixed at the time of fabrication. Achieving
active tunable of the optical properties to modify the light matter interaction at the nanoscale is an emerging
opportunity to bring metamaterials and metasurfaces to life as dynamic objects composed of tunable nanoscale
resonators and antennas for various applicaRon. Electrical tuning of the carrier density in conducting oxides, transition
metal nitrides and two-dimensional materials enables the optical dispersion of individual structures to be altered from
dielectric to plasmonic, yielding active nano-antenna arrays with gate tunable phase and amplitude modulation of
absorption, radiative emission and scattering. Operation of individual patch antennas and beam steering phased arrays of
antennas will be discussed.