On September 3, 2013 Gang Chen announced the appointment of Professor Evelyn Wang as the Associate Director of S3TEC. Evelyn has been heavily involved with the TPV thrust of our Center and she has on-going research on thermoelectrics and nanoscale heat transfer.
Gang Chen was recently appointed Department Head of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, congratulations to Gang Chen for this exciting and much deserved appointment! Dr.
Congratulations to Maria Luckyanova for winning the DOE EFRC July PI Meeting student and postdoc presentation competition!
MIT researchers led by Marin Soljacic discovered a new phenomenon that could lead to new types of lasers and sensors.
Congratulations to Dr. Olivier Delaire and Dr. Yang Shao-Horn for there recent publication "Glass-like phonon scattering from a spontaneous nanostructure in AgSbTe2" in Nature and Nanotechnology!
Scalable nanopatterned surfaces designed by MIT researchers could make for more efficient power generation and desalination.