Researchers create exotic states that could lead to new kinds of sensors and optical devices.
MIT News highlighted work in the S3TEC center led by Marin Soljacic which led to the first direct observation of Weyl points.  
Tabletop setup provides more nuanced picture of heat production in microelectronics.
A recent DOE EFRC Newsletter highlighted work in the S3TEC center led by Evelyn Wang on harvesting energy from water droplets jumping from hydrophobic surfaces.
MIT News highlighted work by Marin Soljacic and other S3TEC researchers on bound photon states, which could have greatly improve particle accelerators and data transmission, among other applications.
Postdoc Yuan Yang's work on thermally regenerative electrochemical (TREC) cells has been picked by Scientific American as one of the 10 world-changing ideas in 2014.