S3TEC alum David Bierman is the founder of Marigold Power. When he was at MIT S3TEC, he worked on developing a thermophotovoltaic converter that absorbs sunlight and converts it to a form of light more refficiently converted into electricity by photovoltaic cells. 
David Bierman and Veronika Stelmakh were named the winners of the 2017 Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Researcher Science Competition a presentation on their research conducted at the MIT S3TEC Research Center.
New research offers insights into how crystal dislocations — a common type of defect in materials — can affect electrical and heat transport through crystals, at a microscopic, quantum
Hot Solar Cells Named by Technology Review in the 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2017
MIT engineers have invented a bubble-wrapped, sponge-like device that soaks up natural sunlight and heats water to boiling temperatures, generating steam through its pores.